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guangzhou LEYNEW exhibition
Release date:2014-12-25 Browse the number:3748
    In June 2014, shenzhen leynew to LED lights show at the guangzhou science and technology, our company in the exhibition scale, types of exhibits and staffing on all had the very big improvement than before.For our corporate image and product awareness had the very big enhancement, this and the joint efforts of all staff of our company inseparable, given all the great collective sense of honor and sense of belonging.To participate in this exhibition to make the products of our company have made a lot of popularity in the national market, provide us with a platform for the communication of cooperation with foreign buyers.
    This exhibition exhibits include WiFi controller, Dali controller, colorful controller, and street lamp control system, by the domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise.Next year, the company will make persistent efforts, continue to develop.
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