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General lighting control system-- Leynew debut in Han's Laser showroom
Release date:2017-05-04 Browse the number:2215
  With the development of technology and progress of the times, intelligent control is widely use in our lives. In 2016, Leynew developed a new general lighting control system, which is favored by most of customers.
   In 2017, Leynew has successfully completed the showroom lighting control system project for the Han's Laser.The showroom is divided into the welding technology achievement area, NEPL area, PAPL area, ILSW area, ITRI area, NPIC area and ITPL area, in which all the lights are controlled by the lighting control system. Automatic control, automatic&manual control and full manual control are the three control modes. In automatic control, people pass through the area scene to light up according to the preset scene. Similarly, close the lamp when the region of the sensor for a certain period of time do not detect someone passing; Automatic&manual control, all the lamps except inkjet wall are automatically control, but you can open the manual IPAD point when in introduction; Full manual, the touch panel can control all the lights to be on/off in this showroom, you also can use IPAD control of certain regions and the scene switch.
   In Han's Laser showroom project, our general lighting control system products are perfectly use, we confidently believe our this system will be applied to every corner of the world.

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