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Solar Controller


Product introduction:

LN- TYCON-C is produced by our company independently developed a solar controller,it is mainly used for solar energy as the control system, used to control the solar battery charge of matr...
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Main features

1.      Intelligent control is realized by using microprocessor and dedicated control calculation.

2.      Two load working modes: Pure lighting control, lighting control & timing control. Discharge duration can set by button.

3.      Scientific management of battery: as it is overcharged, the battery will get boost charge. As a result compulsory maintenance is available for the battery. In normal working state, the direct charge and floating charge are both available, so that the battery life-span is increased. Besides, the adoption of high precision temperature compensation makes the charging more accurate.

4.      Parameters Settings with power save functions, system model and control parameters, such as important data are stored in chip internally, power is not lost, that after adjusting system work more convenient and reliable.

5.      Adopted the double MOS series circuit control, PWM charge battery voltage loss of loop is using diode recharging circuit reduces nearly half, charging efficiency, increase 3% - 6% than not PWM, with the PWM fuzzy control in charging, the charge efficiency is improved a lot.

6.      LED screen shows the working state of charging, discharging and system. Let users understand real-time operating system.

7.      Various protections include over-charge, over-discharge and connection-reverse protection, all the protections are harmless to any parts and fuse. TVS thunder proof protection is also available. Non wire jumpers design improves the reliability and durability of the products.


Technical parameters



Rated charging current


Rated discharging current


Rated Voltage

  □12V/24V Auto

No load losses


Charging circuit voltage drop

Less than or equal to 0.26V

Discharge circuit voltage drop

Less than or equal to 0.15V

Over voltage protection

17V,  x2/24V

Promote charge voltage

14.6V,  x2/24V (time of duration: 30 minutes)(call when discharge, or call every 7days)

Direct charge voltage

14.4V,  x2/24V (time of duration: 30 minutes)

Float charge voltage

13.6V,  x2/24V(time of duration: until fell to return to battery charge)

Charge recover voltage

13.2V,  x2/24V

Over discharge recover voltage

12.5V,  x2/24V

Lower voltage indication

12.0V,  x2/24V

Over discharge voltage

11.1V,  x2/24V

Temperature compensation


Control method

PWM(tandem type)

Light controll illumination

10lux(20 seconds)

Working temperature

From -20 to +60

Controller protection

Over-charge, over-discharge,

over-current protection , Solar battery,   Anti-connection-reverse protection for storage battery and TVS Lightning protection.

All the protections are harmless to any parts and fuse of controller

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