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1. The way leynew model named?

Company name abbreviations + product type+ products characteristics + products transmission mode+ number keys + used material+ + transmission channel + voltage/current

Such as: LN-CON-TRF4B (T)-3 CH-LV

LN: Leynew CON: Controller T: Touch RF: wireless Radio Frequency T: iron 3 CH: three output channel LV: constant voltage

2. leynew best selling products?

We currently 90% of its sales from LED controller, we will according to the market and the needs of different clients to update our products to meet customer maximum demand. At the same time, we have constantly developing LED power supply and other industrial control products, we trend is large scale lighting control system.

3. The main market of leynew?

Our products are mainly divided domestic market, foreign market. The domestic market, at present mainly for the shenzhen area LED lamps production enterprise. In the future, we will gradually considering the jiangsu and zhejiang area, make sales direction in the northern region. The foreign market at present the main sales Europe and North America, as the local LED are large, we are through a lot of the exhibition, to gradually stable market in Europe and North America, and began to enter into the Asian area, such as Japan, South Korea.

4. You usually use LED controller in what product?

As LED controller, mainly used to LED lighting, one part of LED lamps, used to adjust LED brightness, color change, the change of the specific effect. Such as: LED strips, LED spotlight , LED wall washer lamp and so on.

5. The leading time of leynew?

Usually, customer send orders, our sales will check the stock, if in stock, we will send out the

Goods within customer order day or after one day, if no stock, leading time need two weeks,

But in hot production season, delivery slightly extend, at the same time, if the requirement of customers is nonstandard products, we need more time. To ensure the quality of our products.


6. Quality of the products?


The company has been paying attention from the quality of the products, and have special QC department. We have been to our product adopt full inspection way, is to ensure that the quality of our products, the greatest guarantee the customer benefit.


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